• Ag World began operations January 17, 1977. Since its beginning, Ag World has been one of the leaders in livestock exports, particularly swine, beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, and goats. Bruce Cluver, Vice President of Ag World, began as Assistant Superintendent of Markets for the Illinois Department of Agriculture in charge of export promotion. Later, as General Manager of Illinois Produce International, another livestock export company, he gained experience before founding Ag World. The Illinois State University Alumni Association honored Cluver with the “Alumni Achievement Award” in 1993.
  • Renco Corporation was founded in 1961. We manufactured various other products including biomedical devices. In 1975, we found that there was a major market for our ultrasonic instruments in agriculture. We have been manufacturing these products since 1975. Our products soon became the industry standards. As the world’s premier manufacturer of ultrasonic instruments for the detection of pregnancy and for measurement of backfat and loin thickness, Renco Corporation has been a leading innovator of technology.
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WELCOME to Ag World International

Ag World has been a purebred livestock exporter since 1977, delivering over 90,000 animals to 91 countries on six continents. We have established an excellent reputation for providing high quality swine, beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep and goats to breeders throughout the world. As exclusive Powder River and Renco distributors, we deliver top of the line Livestock Testing and Handling Equipment. Our worldwide experience and knowledge enable us to recommend breeds which will thrive in your environment. As your global genetic source, we will locate genetically sound, purebred animals to fit your needs and increase your productivity.